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About the School

Saint Philomena School was founded on February 1995. The School is named after a young saint who is the patroness of youth. It is a non-sectarian school.

School Color:   

White for Purity of heart and truth; red for courage and perseverance

School Logo: A shield, three stars, rays of the sun and a sturdy tree.

  • The shield to ward off illiteracy

  • The stars are the multi-intelligences to be nurtured and developed among students.

  • The rays are blessings from heaven

  • The tree symbolizes the graduate who will be morally upright, virtuous and competent.

School Motto:   Proferte stolam in omnibus (Bring out the best in all)

Our School Philosophy

SPS puts emphasis on behavior development which is considered contemporary. The school holds that academic excellence and moral practice philosophy is in keeping with the ever-changing and becomingly more complex society.



The Saint Philomena School, Inc. will be an exemplary educational community dedicated to the highest standards of quality at all levels and in all areas of endeavor. All students, parents, and school employees, respecting and valuing each other, will be committed to providing all students with an education laden with values, which enables them to live successfully in ever-changing society.



The School will provide the environmental and learning opportunities for all students so that they will possess the qualities, which will enable them to live meaningfully and successfully in society. The graduate will be:

  • An Effective Communicator

  • A Competent Problem- Solver

  • A Self Learner

  • A Responsible, Disciplined, Honest and Upright Citizen

  • A Good Christian

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